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List of Best Hiking Boots for Women

List of Best Hiking Boots for Women

Women are the creature of God who always wanted to look fashionable and stylish that’s why all the time their dressing is on point. Women these days are now more conscious about their whole look and wanted to look perfect to maintain their status in the society. There are different products which are used by women at different times same is the reason with the shoes. Shoes are selected by them according to the occasion as heels are used for formal events while flat are recommended to the casual use and jogger, or hiking boots are especially available with different features to attain their basic purpose. There are different brands which are making hiking shoes for the people and are made with basic features needed for them which include very light in weight and provide support to the feet. Hiking is done at different times and with different conditions as either done in day or night and without a bag at the back or with it because all conditions need different shoes for it which are highly needed by the people.

10. Mountain Warehouse Adventurer Women’s Waterproof Boots:

List of Top Ten Best Hiking Boots for WomenMountain Warehouse is the brand which has very high and famous reputation in the market because of its expensive shoes and kits as well which is considered as the best one in the market as compared to competitors. It is made from the synthetic fiber which is completely waterproof and has the perfect grip with the ground. It is recommended by the low-level walking and even to the lakes as well. It is sold at the price of $88 which is not a much expensive option in the market.

9. AKU Tribute II GTX W`s:

Top Ten Best Hiking Boots for WomenAKU Tribute II is the hiking boots which are made by an Italian company, and they are best in making shoes. The Upper part of these shoes is made from leather while comes with the Gore-tex lining. It has Vibram outer sole which can handle different strains and worse situations during hiking and are best in different ways. These shoes are very stylish and expensive one as sold at the high price of $135.

8. Mammut Nova Advance High II GTX:

 Top Ten Best Hiking Boots for FemalesMammut Nova Advance is the boots which provide complete confidence to the hikers, and it comes from the famous brand Mammut which is known for creating best technical shoes for the people. This pair of  boots will never disappoint the purchaser because of their performance and standard. Their upper part is made up of pure leather which has the best quality and provides perfect support to the ankle to cover long distances. The price of these boots is estimated to be $125.

7. Teva Kimtah Event Leather:

Top 10 Best Hiking Boots for WomenTeva Kimtah is very pretty shoes recommended for hiking which comes at the price tag of $88. They look like the normal shoes which provide much ankle support as compared to other models available at this price. It can be used for the daily walk routine as well and has the waterproof and is made from pure leather which has amazing grip on the ground and best option available for the people with limited budget.

6. Hi-Tec Maipo Waterproof Women`s:

List of Top 10 Best Hiking Boots for WomenHi-Tec Maipo is the shoes which are made with the perfect strength and comes with the Vibram outer sole which has the amazing grip and is most punishing terrain ever available. It is made up of pure suede which depicts its quality of stitching and construction and is also waterproof which is highly durable for many years. This pair of shoes is available at the price of $92 which is not much expensive not so cheap.

5. Muck Boots Camo:

Top Five Best Hiking Boots for WomenMucK Boots Como is the shoes which are made by the best company in the world and offer most fashionable models for the people. This pair of hiking shoes is made from pure leather which is very practical and made with high quality. It also has buckles to provide perfect grip to the feet and a quite safe option for all types of hiking either of very long length or medium as well. The price of this pair of boots is almost $250 which is very expensive one as compared to the competitors.

4. The North Face Hedgehog Fastpack Lite:

Top 5 Best Hiking Boots for WomenThe North Face Hedgehog is not only hiking shoes but also recommended for running as well. They are made with the traditional walking which has the perfect grip and is waterproof as well. These boots are very light in weight and come in different colorful options and are named as the trainer boots as well. These shoes are available at the price of $75 which is a quite reasonable option in the market.

3. Regatta Lady Northstar Winter Boot:

Top Three Best Hiking Boots for WomenRegatta Lady Northstar is the classy pair of shoes which can be used in all types of weather. These shoes are made with the fleece lining which keeps the feet warm during the seasons of winter and autumn as well. These shoes are very stylish and also waterproofs as all the hilly areas have a large number of rainfalls. These are very easy to clean and provide perfect grip to the feet during hiking which is the main thing and available at the affordable price of $55.

2. Asolo Futura GTX:

Top 3 Best Hiking Boots for WomenAsolo Futura GTX is the most famous name in the whole UK and made with the latest change. These boots are not only recommended for hiking but also for walking as well. These shoes are made with Tex lining and hard rubber tow which provides extra protection to the feet on difficult journeys of hiking. The sole of these shoes is super beautiful and can be cleaned very easily at home. These shoes are available at the high price $195 which is very expensive.

1. Berghaus Women`s Explorer Trail plus GTX:

Best Hiking Boot for WomenBerghaus Women`s is the most amazing and the best pair of hiking shoes available in the market. These shoes are made with the latest technology which is also waterproof and is designed with the perfect inner sole for the comfort of the feet in them. The outer sole has enhanced its look too much more extent and is available in different sizes. The price of these shoes is almost $115 which is not much expensive one.

1Berghaus Women`s Explorer Trail plus GTX$ 115
2Asolo Futura GTX$ 195
3Regatta Lady Northstar Winter Boot$ 55
4The North Face Hedgehog Fastpack Lite$ 75
5Muck Boots Como$ 250
6Hi-Tec Maipo Waterproof Women`s$ 92
7Teva Kimtah Event Leather$ 88
8Mammut Nova Advance High II GTX$ 125
9AKU Tribute II GTX W`s$ 135
10Mountain Warehouse Adventurer Women’s Waterproof boots$ 88