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Top 10 Expensive Places To Lay Down The Dead

Top 10 Expensive Places To Lay Down The Dead

While many might not even think of the cost that comes with death, some people are very particular about the cemetery in which their loved ones are laid to rest. What happens to the body of a person after his death varies between cultures and religions. While Hindu’s cremated the dead and Egyptians in the ancient times created mummies, the major Abrahamic religions bury the dead. Therefore Majority of the population of the world today is hidden, and their families look for the best burial place according to their budget. In this article we will talk about the ten most expensive places to lay down the dead and which notable personalities are buried here.
Here is the list of the most expensive places to lay down the dead:

10. Graceland Cemetery, Chicago

Expensive Places To Lay Down The DeadThis is a common historical site that is very popular with tourists for a walk and its Victorian design. This is the resting place of several notable personalities including some founders of the nation. It covered an area of 119 acres and wades in 1860. Standard burial plot costs from $2000 to $4000 depending on the location while premium near Lake costs $120,000.

9. Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn

Top Expensive Places To Lay Down The DeadThis cemetery is a piece of art with its architecture and landscape. It has all that needs to be present in a modern day landscape park. It has lakes, sculptures, animals and extensive grounds. This cemetery covers an area of 476 acres. It has three kinds of burial places; Basic plots, mausoleum in a shared location and a private mausoleum. Basic plot costs around $1750, a shrine in a shared location $19,500 and a private mausoleum costs $320,000.

8. Cryonics, Alcor Life Extension Foundation, Arizona

Expensive Places To Lay Down The Dead Highly RatedCryonics is a process through which dead body is frozen so that it lasts forever and does not perish. Many get the process in the hope that with the advancement of the medical field there could be chances that a dead body could be revived if they are intact and do not perish. This process is comparatively new and costs almost $350,000 which includes the process and the storage of the body.

7. Mount Auburn Cemetery, Massachusetts

Expensive Places To Lay Down The Dead Top RatedThis cemetery holds a lot of significance as it was the first garden cemetery in America. Mount Auburn Cemetery, Massachusetts was landscaped by Botanist Jacob Bigelow. This cemetery has some fabulous gardens and trees that look so magical. It is often featured in the media because of its lush gardens. A simple burial plot here costs $1500 while premium plot can cost till $500,000.

6. Kensico Cemetery, New York

Expensive Places To Lay Down The Dead Highly RatedThis cemetery is the most expensive in New York. It has in its soil some prominent figures and other people of New York. This beautiful cemetery has a lot of greenery making it very serene. It is located near Bronx River Parkway in New York. Many tourists visit the grave every day. Simple burial plot in this cemetery costs $1,800 while private mausoleums are sold for half a million dollars.

5. Nirvana Memorial Garden, Singapore

Top Expensive Places To Lay Down The Dead Highly RatedThis memorial garden in Singapore is a modern take on the cemetery. This memorial garden looks more like a 5-star hotel that has private suites, executive golden suits, prayer halls, sitting area and a fantastic sound system. This indoors memorial garden is a peaceful yet very modern burial place. Prices of burial place range from $7,000 to $520,000.

4. Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale

Expensive Places To Lay Down The Dead Top RatedThis is a unique cemetery that also houses a chapel in it. President Ronald Reagan also got married here. This is so famous that five more have been made in L.A., but the original one in Glendale is still the most famous. Legendary singer Michael Jackson has also been buried here.  The Forest Lawn also has a museum where many exhibitions have been held.

3. Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx

Expensive Places To Lay Down The Dead Top RatedThis Cemetery is famous for its scenic views. It has landscaped Gardens and lakes in it. It is the located place of some of the most influential personalities. Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, and Moby Dick just to name some are buried here. This beautiful cemetery attracts hundreds of visitors every day to its beautiful landscapes. A simple burial plot costs $4,800, but the private mausoleums cost way more and can cost up to $1.5 million.

2. Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, Los Angeles

Top Expensive Places To Lay Down The Dead Highly RatedThis is a cemetery that most would be familiar with. It is the final resting place of some of the most prominent figures in the Hollywood history like Rodney Dangerfield. This Cemetery is situated in L.A. jungle, and over the years it has become a historic site. The area is not very big, and therefore burial plot is auctioned. The latest plot was sold for $4.6 million.

1. Celestial Burial

Expensive Places To Lay Down The DeadFor all the Star Trek fans out there, YES this is possible. It may cost a fortune, though. This burial is extra adventurous and for someone who prefers the serenity of the solar system. For this, the body needs to be created first as only the ashes could be taken there. The price of taking only ashes of the human body is also very high as it costs $12,500 per gram of ashes. An average body’s ashes would cost way above $30 million for a celestial burial.

Expensive Places To Lay Down The Dead – Top Rated

Sr. No.NamePrice
1Celestial Burial$12,500 (per gram of ashes), $30 million (celestial burial)
2Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, Los Angeles$4.6 million
3Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx$4,800 (simple burial plot), $1.5 million (private mausoleums)
4Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale —-
5Nirvana Memorial Garden, Singapore$7,000-$520,000
6Kensico Cemetery, New York$1,800 (simple burial plot)
7Mount Auburn Cemetery, Massachusetts$1500 (simple burial plot), $500,000 premium plot
8Cryonics, Alcor Life Extension Foundation, Arizona$350,000
9Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn$1750 (Basic plot), $19,500 (shared location)
10Graceland Cemetery, Chicago$2000-$4000 (standard burial plot), $120,000