List of Top 10 Best Soccer Cleats Ever in the World

Soccer is a famous game all over the world and is played almost in the whole world. Soccer is also known with the name of football and is played between two teams. Almost every country has its team that are 200 countries participate in this sport. It is considered as the most popular sport in the world. All the players in this game have to dress up in specific clothes and shoes to play the match comfortably. Cleats are the shoes that are used by the soccer players and provide the best grip with the floor while playing. There are many brands in the world which are making sports equipment and products in the world for the players like soccer shoes, basketball shoes etc. These cleats are different for all players, and all players prefer different types of shoes while playing. These cleats are very comfortable and made with the latest technology to make their performance better. These cleats are very stylish that enhance the look of the players while playing and makes them cool.
The following are top 10 most expensive and best soccer cleats ever in the world:


1010 10. Adidas F50 adiZero miCoach:

Adidas is the most famous brand in terms of sports products and accessories used in sports. Cleats are very important in soccer, and the brand is continuously working to improve the sports products. The Adidas F50 is a series which I am getting better and better to create a masterpiece for the players. The sole of these shoes is perfect for better performance and calculates the performance as well. They are very easy and comfortable to use while playing and their whole range of shoes can be seen in the world. Many famous celebrities like Lionel Messi wore these cleats during their game that made them more famous and successful as well.

10. 10. Adidas F50 adiZero miCoach:

99 9. Puma V1.10 SL:

Puma is the brand that released these cleats in 2010 in the world. It also holds the record of the lightweight shoes in the whole world ever made by any sports brand. It is made with many latest and unique features like round design, box toe, etc. It also helps the players to provide the best performance for the game. It is made with carbon fiber that makes it light weights and best as well. The look of these shoes is very stylish and is considered as the lightest shoes ever available in the world.

9. 9. Puma V1.10 SL:

88 8. Adidas adiPure IV:

Again here comes Adidas as their sports products are the best in the whole world. Adidas adiPure IV is the best shoes for the players and are made in with the traditional look. It was the fourth version of the adiPure range that was the best as per expectation. The heel areas of these shoes are very comfortable and are made with the best technology to provide comfort to the players. It was released in the world in 2010 to provide the best experience to the players for their performance. The look of these cleats is very stylish and made with colors like black, red and white as well.

8. 8. Adidas adiPure IV:

77 7. Nike Tiempo Premier 94:

Nike is also very stylish and famous sports brand in the world. The Nike Tiempo Premier 94 was introduced in the world in 1994 basically for the world cup final of 1994. These shoes are made with pure leather that is why they are very soft and made with best colors as well. The whole Tiempo range is made with the best technology and is very popular as well. It was again updated in 2009 with many more colors and features as well.

7. 7. Nike Tiempo Premier 94:

66 6. Adidas adiPower Predator:

Adidas adiPower Predator, are very lightweight cleats that are very stylish as well. These shoes are made with silicon and 3D fins to make them more powerful. The design of these shoes is power spine that is very famous in the world, especially among the players. These cleats are available in three main colors that are black, yellow and blue as well. It got very famous with the release of these perfect cleats. It was released in 2011 and got viral among all the players in the world.

6. 6. Adidas adiPower Predator:

55 5. Adidas Predator Accelerator:

Adidas Predator Accelerator is the best cleats ever released in the whole world. They are not very light weight but are made with the latest technology. It was released in 1998 and was introduced basically for the world cup of 1998 and was very popular in the world. It was made with the best material and rubber panels to make them powerful. Many famous celebrities like David Beckham wore these shoes during their game. These cleats are very stylish with the brand logo on the top.

5. 5. Adidas Predator Accelerator:

44 4. Nike Mercurial Vapor III:

Nike is the brand that is making lightweight cleats for the players. Nike Mercurial Vapor III is very stylish shoes that are made with synthetic and pure leather. These shoes were worn by the famous player Cristiano Ronaldo which made them more famous in the world. These shoes are very durable and are best as well. They were released in the world in 2006 but new shoes of this series are introduced in the world.

4. 4. Nike Mercurial Vapor III:

33 3. Adidas Copa Mundial:

Adidas Copa Mundial products were released in 1979 and are still considered as the best selling boots in the world. Many famous players like Michel Platini, Baresi, etc. which made them very successful. These shoes have the less sole to make them more comfortable and players are using these shoes for more than 30 years which shows the performance of the shoes. Their performance is best and proven by the performances of many players.

3. 3. Adidas Copa Mundial:

22 2. Nike CTR360 Maestri II:

Nike CTR360 Maestri II is very high class and best sneaker to be used by the players. These shoes are very comfortable and allow players to play their game with ease. These are made with improved quality. They have some different styles in shoes for the players to choose the best one according to them. They are released in the world in 2010 and are heavy weight not very light weight.

2. 2. Nike CTR360 Maestri II:

11 1. Adidas Predator LZ:

Adidas Predator LZ is the latest shoes by Adidas, which were introduced in the world in 2012. They are considered as the best one to deliver the best performance by the players. They are very comfortable and with a perfect material. They are made with the latest technology to make the foot of the player safe and comfortable so that they can play easily. The look of these cleats is very stylish and fashionable as well.

1. 1. Adidas Predator LZ:

List of Best Soccer Cleats Ever

1Adidas Predator LZ
2Nike CTR360 Maestri II
3Adidas Copa Mundial
4Nike Mercurial Vapor III
5Adidas Predator Accelerator
6Adidas AdiPower Predator
7Nike Tiempo Premier 94
8Adidas adiPure IV
9Puma V1.10 SL
10Adidas F50 adiZero miCoach

The above ranking of the soccer cleats is given according to the features and look of the shoes and the name of their brands as well. These cleats are very fashionable and made with the best quality. Players now wanted to look stylish that is a reason these shoes are perfect to complete their look while playing. These shoes can be purchased through soccer cleats store and online as well. These cleats are only suitable for the players of soccer not for the normal people.