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List Of Top Ten Most Expensive Football Clubs In The World

Top ten most expensive football clubs

You can check the list of top ten Most Expensive Football Clubs In The World. Football is the most played game in the world. It is liked and played in all over the globe. You can find the fans of it from any country. Football mania reaches the highest level during the FIFA world cup. Most wealthy players also belong to this game. Whole players remain busy in matches. These matches are also held between different teams. In European countries, these are more famous than the national teams. They conduct the different leagues like Liga Barca, etc. In their teams, players of different countries form a team. For example in FCB Players from Brazil national team Neymar is included. Along with Neymar Argentina’s Captain Lionel Messi is also part of this team. So, players from different countries become the part of these. To buy top players they pay heavy amounts to sign contracts with these players. These contracts are officially announced. They also sign contracts with sports equipment companies like Adidas, Nike, etc. These companies have the official brand ambassadors like Lionel Messi which is the most expensive football player. In this article, top ten richest football clubs have been listed. They have the maximum revenue. These Most Expensive Football Clubs In The World also have top players and consider as the best teams of the world.

10. Liverpool:

Top ten most expensive football clubsLiverpool is famous football club. It has its fans over the globe. You can find its fans in Asian developing countries. It is very famous among football fans. But still it is on number 10 in this list because its net value is 691 million dollars. Its annual incomes are about 313 million dollars. It is also from England.

9. Juventus:

List of 10 most expensive football clubsJuventus football club is from Italy. This club is the world 9th most expensive football club. It has annual operating incomes near to 66 million dollars. The current value is about $850 million. It has won 2 times its domestic league titles. It has also reached the quarter finals of the champions leagues.

8. A.C Milan:

List of top 10 most expensive football clubs in the worldA.C Milan is the most famous football club of Italy. Its total net value is $856 million. Its revenues are 343 million dollars. The current owner of this football Silvio Berlusconi purchased this club in 1986. He is now announced to build a stadium for the country. For this stadium, he is intended to sale out some minority stakes of this club. A.C Milan is the 8th richest club in this list.

7. Manchester City:

Top 10 expensive most football clubs in the worldIt is football club of England. As its name is on the city in which it has its headquarters. This has top players like Sergio Augero, David Silva, etc. This has also been prominent in famous football leagues. It is valued at 863 million dollars. Its revenues for a year are approximately $411 million. It is on number 7 in this list of most expensive footballs of the world. According to an estimate, it is said that average period of the fans of Manchester City is about 21 years.

6. Chelsea:

Top 5 most expensive football clubs in the worldChelsea is the famous club from England. It has also introduced the world with famous players. It has total net value of $868 million. It has also signed a contract with Adidas for kit deals. This contract is for ten years. Total cost of this contract is $450 million. Its annual revenues are almost $394 millions. Its operating incomes for the year 2013 were 61 million dollars. These all calculations have made it the world 6th richest club in the world.

5. Arsenal:

List of richest clubs in the worldArsenal is football club from England. This also has renowned players. It has been the part of Champions League for continuous sixteen years.  It is said to be the 5th most expensive club. Its total value is $1.33 billion. Its annual revenue is about 370 million dollars. It has its fans in all over the globe. It is famous for having top football players.

4. Bayern Munich:

Ranking of most expensive football clubsIt is the club of champions. This expensive football club is from Germany. It has many players of German national team. Germany was also the winner of FIFA 2014. Bayern Munich also has super stars of football like Mario Goetz. Bayern Munich has value estimated to $1.85 billion. Bayern Munich has also remained the Champion of Champions League 2013. This football club is the 4th most expensive football club. Its revenues are $561 million. After the Germany has won FIFA world cup value of this also raised. In 2013, it was on number 5th in the expensive clubs list.  But after FIFA it became 4th expensive team.

3. Manchester United:

10 most expensive football clubs in the worldManchester United is the third most expensive football team in this list of Most Expensive Football Clubs In The World. It is from England. It is also known as Red Devils. Manchester United has recently done a 130 million dollars kit contract with Adidas. It has total net value of $2.81 billion. Angel De Maria is now part of this. It has been on top position from 2007 to 2012. Now Real Madrid and FCB have replaced it. Manchester United has total annual revenues of $551 million. Its sponsorship amount is increased by signing a contract with Adidas.

2. FC Barcelona:

List of most expensive football clubsPerhaps, it is the most well-known club in the world. Even in Asian countries like Pakistan and India it has so many fans. It is the 2nd most expensive football club. It has the world top players in the team. It recently after FIFA 2014 added Suarez in the team. It also has Brazilian top player Neymar J.R in the team. Along with all other players, one of the most famous players Lionel Messi is also part of it. FCB recognized the talent of Messi and took him at the age of 14. FCB introduced the great player of the world. Messi got FIFA golden ball in 2014. He is the captain of Argentina that was in the final of FIFA 2014. It has value of 3.2 billion dollars, and revenue is $627 million.

1. Real Madrid:

Top ten most expensive football clubsIt is Spanish club. It is the best among all. Recently, it is the champion of La Liga Barca. It has world best players like Ronaldo. Ronaldo is the captain of its team. Ronaldo has also got FIFA Ballon d’or in 2015. He is the most expensive footballer of the histroy. Real Madrid has a maximum value that is $3.44 billion. According an estimated it earns annual revenue of 675 million dollars. It is on the top of this list for the last two years. Argentina’s famous player Angel De Maria was also part of this till 2014. Real Madrid is the most famous club with so many achievements.

List of Most Expensive Football Clubs In The World

Sr No.NameApproximate value
1Real Madrid$3.44 billion
2FC Barcelona$3.2 billion
3Manchester United$2.81 billion
4Bayern Munich$1.85 billion
5Arsenal$1.33 billion
6Chelsea$868 million
7Manchester City$863 million
8A.C Milan$856 million
9Juventus$850 million
10Liverpool$691 million

This article has ranked top 10 richest football clubs. Football fans are found everywhere in the world. This list has most football clubs from England. This shows that in England people are more football crazy than other countries of the world. England has five most expensive football teams out of ten. The top two positions are with Spanish football clubs. Spanish football clubs have the honor to introduce top footballers. It has made it expensive in the world. These clubs always remain busy in announcing highest bids for top players. This article will guide the football fans to see their most favourite clubs net values.