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Most Expensive Hublot Swiss Luxury Watches

Most Expensive Hublot Watch

Watches are named as one of the most important products to complete the whole look of the person. There are hundreds of brands in the world which making watches for the people at different prices among which some of them are very expensive while some are cheap and easily affordable for everyone. Hublot is the famous watch making company which belongs to Switzerland. It was an amazing addition to the industry of watches which are introduced to the market in 1980. It is a very famous brand because it is designed watches with much modern touch with innovative features and material used in them which attracts people towards it. The company mostly works to develop amazing luxurious strap for the watches because straps enhance the look and need to be made of the natural rubber or leather. It is named after the practical watch brand in the world which is known for providing luxurious watches to the people. All their latest watches are seen advertised by the famous personalities of the world which mainly includes the Manchester United football team and its members which provided a major increase in its sale. Their watches are made with the authentic system and are widely available at different big countries of the world. Hublot is the brand which is famous for creating expensive watches for the people.

10. Hublot Classic Fusion Zirconium:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Hublot WatchesHublot Classic Fusion is the watch that is made from Zirconium, and it has a total measurement of 45 millimeters in total diameter. It comes with the feature of self-winding and works on the chronograph function movement. The power reserve of this watch can last for almost 42 hours. It comes with the alligator black rubber strap which is enhanced with buckle. It is also water resistant up to the distance of 50 meters in water. The price of this stylish watch is $160,000.

9. Hublot Tourbillon Solo Bang:

Most Expensive Hublot Swiss Luxury WatchesHublot Tourbillon is the watch which is made with the black ceramic case, black dial and also the black ceramic bezel. It comes with the manual winding feature in it. It is also water resistant which can stay safe to the distance of 100 meters. It is enhanced with the black rubber strap which is sold at the high price of $170,000. It is much cool and sleek watch which is loved by most of the people.

8. Hublot Classic pink gold and diamonds:

Top Ten Expensive Hublot WatchesAgain here comes the watch of Hublot, which is enhanced with the combination of diamonds and pink gold. It was made according to the strict standards given by Hublot to provide accurate, conditional, functionality and water resistant watch to the watch lovers in the world. It has a steel case which is enhanced with precious diamonds and pink gold. It is made with the quartz movement and completed with the black rubber bracelet. The price of this watch is $180,000.

7. Hublot Tourbillon Big Date power:

Most Expensive Hublot Swiss Luxury WatchesHublot Tourbillon has the feature to display a date in big size and comes with the power reserve indicator as well. The power reserve of this watch can last for almost 5 days and also water resistant up to the distance of 100 meters. It is enhanced with the pure leather black strap and its whole case if made up of platinum which has a ceramic bezel and also the black dial and comes with the manual winding in it. It is sold at the price of $200,000.

6. Hublot Big Bang King:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Hublot WatchesHublot big Bang King is the one which has the full case made of ceramic and comes with the rubber bracelet which has the tradition of introducing leather strap in their watches. It has a stylish black dial which comes with the power reserve of 120 hours. It is also water resistant watch which can stay safe to 100 meters. It comes with the manual winding and is available at the price of $250,000 which is a quite expensive option but completely worth it.

5. Hublot Bigger Bang:

Most Expensive Hublot Swiss Luxury WatchesHublot Bigger band is the first watch ever launched by this brand which comes with the wheel chronograph which is enhanced with the diameter cage. It is made from almost 262 different components which has the power reserve of 5 days and is further enhanced with 33 precious rubies to enhance its look and also justifies its high price which is $260,000 which then makes it completely worth it for that.

4. Hublot Bigger Bang Diamond Tourbillon limited edition:

Top 5 Most Expensive Hublot WatchesHublot bigger band watch which is made from different 18 components which are very rare and only made exclusively for this watch. It comes with the single push button located on the top of the crown to operate it. The bezel of it is enhanced with 48 baguette diamonds, and the whole case of this watch is encrusted with diamonds which are 212 in quantity. The price of this limited edition watch is $290,000.

3. Hublot Masterpiece MP-02:

Top Three Most Expensive Hublot WatchesHublot Masterpiece has introduced this watch with 3 different settings which include slow, normal and speed up. It is a quite practical watch which was made in very limited quantity, and only 50 units of this watch were ever made in the world. It is completely made of titanium and comes with the pure leather strap to provide it much cool and sporty look. Its power reserve can last to 4 hours only, and the price of this watch is $305,000.

2. Hublot Million Dollar black caviar bang:

Top 3 Most Expensive Hublot WatchesHublot Million dollar black caviar is the watch which has won the-the competition of Geneve Jewelry watches competition in 2009. It is completely made up of white gold which has the weight of 18 carats. It does not represent any numbers on its face and comes with the adjustable leather strap. Its crown and dial are enhanced with the specially cut diamonds which are 544 in number and have the weight of 34.5 carats. The price of this watch is $1 million.

1. The Hublot:

 Most Expensive Hublot WatchThe Hublot has introduced this most expensive watch for the whole world which was made in the limited number and is enhanced with 1200 diamonds with the weight of 140 carats. It is made from 6 precious stones and company has assigned 17 people on its manufacturing and took 14 months in its making. The famous superstar of America Beyonce Knowles has purchased this watch for her husband Jay-Z at the price of $5 million.

Most Expensive Hublot Swiss Luxury Watches – Top Rated

1The Hublot$ 5 Million
2Hublot Million Dollar black caviar bang$ 1 Million
3Hublot Masterpiece MP-02$ 305000
4Hublot Bigger Bang diamond Tourbillon limited edition$ 290000
5Hub. Bigger Bang$ 260000
6Hub. Big Bang King$ 250000
7Hub. Tourbillon Big date power$ 200000
8Hub. classic pink gold and diamonds$ 180000
9Hub. Tourbillon Solo Bang$ 170000
10Hub. Classic Fusion Zirconium$ 160000


The above ranking of top 10 most expensive Hublot watches in the world is given according to the prices of these watches in the market. Hublot is very well known and successful brand in creating amazing watches for the people. It is known for creating expensive watches which are not affordable for everyone, but rich people can have them to maintain their luxurious lifestyle.