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Top Ten Most Expensive Shishas in the World

Top Ten Most Expensive Shishas in the World

There are different things which are introduced with the latest technology, and people are adopting them in large number as new thing always attract people. Shisha is also known as hookah which is a new thing for the attraction of young generation in which different flavors can be added for the smoking purpose. Hookah is the symbol used for the royal category. Shisha is considered as much less harmful as compared to smoking of cigarettes.

There is a large number of fancy shishas available in the market which is used for the formal functions and to represent the high standard of living of people but is very expensive ones. The new ones are made with some latest features and designs which are made from precious materials like ceramic, crystals and even metals which are crafted beautifully. A single one is made from pure material which are made by the big brands of the world which are further polished and much enhanced to attract more people towards them.
The following are top 10 most expensive and top rated shishas flavors available in the world:

10. Porsche Design Shisha:

Porsche Design shisha

Porsche Design Shisha is the one which is made from pure stainless steel and its whole exterior of made from the frosted glass while the inner stem is made up of aluminum. It has a solid pipe in it, and the holds the flavor of shisha perfectly in it. Porsche Design Shisha also has a place for the coal and clay pot which is kept inside it and remains visible. It is little heavy one but needs regular maintenance of it, and the price of this shisha are estimated to be $16,000.

9. Desvall Gold limited edition:

most expensive shisha

Desvall Gold limited edition is the shisha which is made up of gold plated and was made in very limited number of make it unique item for the shisha lovers of the world. It is also enhanced with some pure Swarovski crystals to enhance its look and make it the perfect choice to be purchased from the market at the price of $40,000 which is very expensive but completely worth it for the high price of it.

8. Gold and Crystal limited edition:

Gold and Crystal limited edition

Gold and crystal limited edition is the shisha which is made from pure 24 karat gold plated material and the top of it is designed with the glass vase and also enhanced with the hand sewn white leather at the bottom. It is very stylish and modern one which is also equipped with the Swarovski crystals which made it more luxurious and is sold at the price of $40,000 due to its beautiful look.

7. Desvall Gold Edition shisha:

most expensive shisha in world

Desvall Gold edition shisha is the one which is especially designed for the royal emperors with a little modern touch in it. It is little expensive option as it is sold at the price of $60,000. It is completely inspired by the traditional royal look with much shine in it. Its whole body and even ring is made from 24 gold-plated designs. It is very stylish, and the thin gold belt is made from the small and big Swarovski crystals. Then the hand crafted leather enhance in it has completed its look and made it more beautiful.

6. Devall Crystal Gold Edition shisha:

Top 10 Most Expensive Shishas in the world

Again here comes another model of this brand Devall Crystal Gold Edition which comes with the exotic glass vase smoke chamber which is completely hand cut. It has full gold plated body which is also enhanced with the hand crafted white leather which makes it more attractive and real shisha lovers cannot avoid it in the market. It is sold at the high price of $60,000 which is not affordable for everyone, but the people with luxurious lifestyle will purchase it for their lifestyle.

5. Desvall Crystal Black Shisha:

World Top 10 Most Expensive Shishas

Desvall has introduced much comfortable model with much impressive look which is made from pure black crystal. It has its smoke chamber at the bottom which is made up of glass, and the other half part is also made up of black color which has enhanced shinny look in it. It is very stylish and much trendy to be used. The price of this shisha is almost $60,000 which is much expensive but not much as compared to its beautiful look.

4. Desvall Crystal and Chrome shisha:

Desvall Crystal and chrome shisha

Desvall has launched this model with much unique design and technology. It has the smoke chamber at the bottom, and this whole shisha is made from crystal glass. Desvall Crystal and Chrome shisha has the chrome plated upper part, and a small waistband is located in the middle part which is also chrome plated. It is also enhanced with the hand crafted white leather to complete its overall look which is much attractive. It is sold at the high price of $100,000.

3. Desvall Black Metal and gold shisha:

world expensive shisha

Desvall black metal and gold shisha is much unique one which comes with the 24 karat gold ring in the middle part of it, and it is also studded with the pure Swarovski crystals. It is made with much antique look and also enhanced with the fine leather in black color which is also hand sewn look. It is very expensive option which is sold at the price of $100,000 which is not easily affordable for everyone.

2. Desvall Custom Shisha:

Desvall best expensive shisha

Desvall Custom Shisha is the customized option made by the same best brand Devall which is made by fixing an appointment with the company to give your descriptions regarding its making and the design. Desvall Custom Shisha is mad from 24 karat gold plated metal which is also enhanced with the Swarovski crystals and is named as the special exclusive version which is sold at the price of $100,000 and even much higher price than this. It provides the experience of smoking in much luxurious and stylish way.

1. Desvall Chrome Plated Shisha:

Desvall Chrome Plated Shisha

Devall Chrome Plated shisha is the one which is made with unique design and it is very beautiful one. It is named as the masterpiece in the world of Hookahs which also has the chrome ring and is also enhanced with the Swarovski crystals to complete its luxurious and regal look. It is much amazing beauty which is sold at the high price of $100,000.

Most Expensive Shishas in the World – Most Demanded

SR No.Name.Price
01Desvall Chrome Plated Shisha$100,000
02Desvall Custom Shisha$100,000
03Desvall Black Metal and gold shisha$100,000
04Desvall Crystal and chrome shisha$100,000
05Desvall Crystal Black Shisha$60,000
06Desvall Crystal gold edition shisha$60,000
07Desvall Gold Edition shisha$60,000
08Gold and Crystal limited edition$40,000
09Desvall Gold limited edition$40,000
10Porsche Design shisha$16,000


The ranking of top 10 most expensive shishas in the world are given according to the price of these shishas in the market. Their trend is much increasing among the people because of their luxurious style and look as well. All these shishas explained above are best brands of the world and each one of them is designed with different look to make it attractive but are sold at high prices which are not affordable for everyone.