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Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes Brands in the World


World’s richest person love to have a collection of expensive shoes. Expensive shoes are considered as a status symbol among wealthy people. World’s most wealthy women are crazy to collect world’s most expensive shoes. The cost of their pair of expensive shoes is more than your yearly earnings. In this article, I have ranked the world top ten most expensive shoes brands. These brands have specialty in quality and style. These brands are making shoes only for upper-level class of people. These most expensive shoes brands are also making shoes for famous celebrities. In these most expensive shoes, luxurious material is used. Some expensive brands are using diamonds in the shoes. So, having these shoes is known as an honour. This article is useful for the shoes lover. This article contains information for those who want to purchase most expensive branded shoes. These shoes are very costly, but some people in the world have their wardrobes full of these expensive shoes. Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities purchase these expensive shoes. Their fans always remain interested to know about their shoes collection. So, these expensive shoes brands are the sign of wealth, status and style.


most famous shoes brandGucci was established in 1921. Gucci is famous shoes brand from Italy. Gucci is also famous for other items like glasses, bags, etc. Its products are famous around the world. Its shoes are also known well in the world. Price for one pair of Gucci shoes starts from $600, and it goes up. Gucci is the 10th most expensive shoes brand of the world. Its shoes are well known for best quality and comfort. It is also famous for its expensive pair of jeans. For this, it has made a Guinness world book record.

09. Miu Miu most popular shoe brands

Miu Miu is a famous brand of shoes. Its shoes are well for its ankle boot styles. They introduced the world with luxurious and stylish ankle boots. Their shoes are mostly liked by young girls. Many young female celebrities like Kristine Dunst have the pairs of this famous shoes brand. Its pink and gold metallic ankle shoes are very impressive. Miu Miu got name due to its distinct styles. Its price also starts from $550 and goes on thousands of dollars. It is the 9th most expensive shoes brand of the world.

08. Stuart Weitzman

most expensive shoes brandsStuart Weitzman is a famous shoe designer. He is known for his different and expensive footwear. He has designed footwear for many famous celebrities like Marlin Monroe. He made a pair of footwear for this Hollywood celebrity that costs 1 million dollar. Stuart Weitzman footwear are also ranked among most expensive footwear of the world. He has made a pair of footwear costing 1.09 million dollars. This pair of shoe is platinum gilded and have diamonds in its body. He designed footwear mostly on the order of Hollywood celebrities. His footwear have also been nominated in Oscar. He has the honor of making world most expensive footwear that are costing $3 million.  He always remains in the news for making unique footwear. He uses rare material in his footwear.

07. Brain Atwood

most famous shoes brandsBrain Atwood footwear are made in Italy. These are mostly exported in Unite States of America. Brain Atwood is also among top ten luxurious shoes brands of the world. This brand is on the name of its owner Brain Atwood. Brain Atwood is also providing footwear on customized services. So, it can make footwear according to the particular requirements of the customer.

06. Alexandra McQueen

most popular shoes brandsAlexandra McQueen was a well-known shoe designer who dies in 2010. But still his shoe brand is working well under his name. This brand is known for making stylish and classical footwear. Its high heels are liked by every woman. This expensive footwear brand is also famous for designing footwear of 16th century. McQueen has got the International award for designer of the year in 2003. He died at the age of 40 years due to over doze of drugs. Some say it was a suicide.

05. Walter Steiger

worlds most expensive shoes brandsWalt Steiger was established in 1993 in New York. It is the world’s 5th most expensive footwear brand. Walter Steiger is successful because it is designing most innovative footwear of the world. Its curved heels are considered as unique innovation in footwear. It seems difficult to make a curve shaped heel for a shoe. But Walter Steiger has done this successfully. Now he is famous for his unique collection of footwear.

04. Christian Louboutin

top ten most popular shoes brandsIt is a well-known brand for making red high heels. Its red heels work as its signature. Its red heels are liked by many women. So, after getting fame in red heels, the brand has made a separate division for making innovative red heels. Its red soles are unique and eye catching that every woman loves to get. In 2013, it introduced its most expensive shoe collection named sexy strass.  Christian Louboutin is the 4th most expensive footwear brand in this list. Christian Louboutin is a shoe designer from France. Celebrity Danielle Steel has 6000 pairs of Christian Louboutin’s footwear. Famous singer Jenifer Lopez has sung a song Louboutins that is inspired from this brand.

3. Jimmy Choo

top ten most famous shoes brandsJimmy Choo is working since 1980’s. It has become a category in high heels. It is famous for handmade women footwear. Many other shoe brands seem to make high heels as Jimmy Choo. Many Hollywood celebrities love to wear Jimmy Choo high heels. For the walks on red carpets and ramp, it is a best choice of models and actresses. It always remained in the top list of quality, stylish and expensive footwear brands. In 2011, its collection named Iconic became famous worldwide. It has its outlets in many countries. Its owner Jimmy Choo has got honorary fellowship from University of Arts London.

02. Manolo Blahnik

worlds most famous shoes brandsManolo Blahnik is the world 2nd most expensive shoes brand. Its footwear were considered out dated when it was working in 1970’s. But today it is famous for making stylish footwear. It’s most famous and expensive pair of shoe is Blixa Alligator. It is made of the real skin of the alligator. It has a wide range of platform shoes and boots. Its shoes are worn by many celebrities including Witney Port. In 2011, this brand won the Lifetime Achievement award from footwear news. Manolo Blahnik himself designs the footwear. He ensures that every shoe in the factory is being made according to the original design.

1. Louis Vuitton:

top ten most popular shoes brands

It is the most expensive shoes brand in the world. It is famous for not only footwear but also for a unique style in purses. It is known well for household items. Its products are usually loved by the elite class. They most wealthy people of the world love to have its footwear and other items as a symbol of status. It is working since 1854. From 2006 to 2012, for continuous six years it has won the award for most valuable luxury brand. In 2010, its men’s shoes collection was known as most expensive footwear.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes Brands in the World

RankBrand Name
1.Louis Vuitton
2.Manolo Blahnik
3.Jimmy Choo
4.Christian Louboutin
5.Walter Steiger
6.Alexandra McQueen
7.Brain Atwood
8.Stuart Weitzman
9.Miu Miu

From this article, you will learn about Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes Brands in the World. There are many people in the world who are crazy for luxury shoes. These footwear brands are well known for using rare and unique material in footwear. Some have used diamonds in shoes. Due to this cost of these footwear goes to millions of dollars. But wealthy women and celebrities get these shoes to show the world their luxurious lifestyle. It seems ironic that some people in the world are dying due to hunger while other are enjoying diamond shoes. So, most expensive footwear brands are the best way to show the wealth of people.