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Top Ten Most Luxurious Hotels in Fukuoka

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Fukuoka is a very beautiful place and one of the most famous islands in the world among the people and tourists because of its beauty. It is also named as the 6th largest city in the whole Japan and has a adamant historical background as well. As now people now have many trends of spending their vacations at different places to get some different experience and enjoy them to the fullest. Islands are a desirable place to be visited by the people because of their enhanced beauty and attractive features. Tourists from all over the world wanted to visit it and have to stay in different accommodations there according to their limited budget. It offers a large number of hotels for the guests coming from all around the world with a high number of facilities to keep them comfortable and relax during their holidays. The charges of every accommodation are different according to their premises, and people have great options there.
The following are top 10 most expensive hotels in Fukuoka with different prices and facilities there:

10. Hotel Dormy Inn Premium Hakata Canal City Mae:

top 10 luxurious hotelsDormy Inn is the place which is an excellent choice for the people coming to Fukuoka and travelers as well. It is located very close to the Canal City and can be readily available by driving a car there. It has many shopping areas located near it for the entertainment of people. The prices of their rooms start from $334 which is not much expensive there. It has received the rating of 8.5 from the users and guests stayed there.

9. Hotel the Luigans Spa and Resort:

luxurious most hotelsThe Luigans is very enormous and beautiful palace which is enhanced with attractive feature and beauty to attract more guests in it. It is much famous for the families and is known for its incredible services. It is loved by the people who are fond of sightseeing. The regular charges of this palace start from the $337 and go up more than this. It has received the rating of 8.4 from its ordinary users. It is made with all the luxuries and beauty to gain more guests visiting from all around the world.

8. Hotel UNIZO Fukuoka Tenjin:

top 10 most luxurious hotelsUNIZO is the palace which is known for its unique design and luxurious facilities as well. It is considered as the best place to stay for individuals rather than families. It is located near the best shopping areas of Fukuoka which made it gain more guests from the world. The standard room charges of this palace start from the $352 which is quite an affordable price to stay there and enjoy all the luxuries. The overall rating given to this palace is 8.2 by its guests. It has large spacious rooms with all the facilities needed for guests.

7. Hotel Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk:

top ten most luxurious hotels in FukuokaMost of the people in the world are well aware of the palace chain called Hilton which is known for its accessible services. It is an excellent club palace which is preferable for the families visiting for vacations. The main attraction of this palace is the beach and shopping centers near it which provides a fantastic view from the window as well. The regular room charges of this palace start from $364, and it has given the rating of 8.1. It is also equipped with all the facilities to gym to keep their guests fit and healthy.

6. Hotel Marinoa Resort Fukuoka:

ten most luxurious hotels in FukuokaMarinoa is the place which is known for its easy services and the facilities provided in rooms. It charges almost $370 for a standard room and has received the rating of 8.7. It is very attractive and beautiful palace which is preferred by the families. It provides large rooms with a fantastic sitting area and beautiful view from the windows as well. It has a beach near it where guest can enjoy ferry ride as well.

5. Hotel ANA Crowne Plaza Fukuoka:

top 10 most expensive hotelsHotel ANA Crowne Plaza is again a luxurious hotel located in Fukuoka, which is more famous for the business people and their delegations. The best part of this palace is that it situated near the train stations and other public transport measures for the convenience of people. The price range of this palace is $380 and has received the rating of 8.2 from its guests. It has the large hall for the meetings and presentations with installed projectors that are reason it is loved by the business persons of the world.

4. Hotel Okura Fukuoka:

expensive most hotels in fukoukaOkura is an Airport hotel for the people who are facing some flight issues stay there and also other people coming to the Fukuoka. It is very close to the best shopping areas there and provided with the car facility as well. It is decorated perfectly to provide a feeling of luxury to the people coming there. It offers an average room at the price of $381 and is given the rating of 9.0. Its rooms are perfectly decorated with grace and decency.

3. Hotel Nikko Fukuoka:

top ten rated hotelsHotel Nikko Fukuoka is another excellent and luxurious palace there which is considered as one of the best for families coming there. It is very close to all type of public transport and train station as well. It offers the beautiful room with fantastic and generous sitting areas and also provided a large swimming pool. It charges $387 for a room and is given the rating of 8.9 by its guests in its services. All its rooms are decorated with very decent and stylish design.

2. JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom Fukuoka:

fukoukas top 10 expensive hotelsJR Kyushu Blossom is considered an amazing business palace and also the best one for the couples on their honeymoon. It is near to all public transportation and train stations. The rooms of this hotel are very luxurious and provided with office tables and accessories as well. It charges $529 for the room and is given the rating of 8.6 in its overall environment and services by their guests.

1. Hotel with the Style Fukuoka:

top ten most luxurious hotels in FukuokaHotel with the Style Fukuoka is considered as the best and luxurious palace located in Fukuoka, which is known for the couples. The price of this palace starts from $833 which is little expensive than other options available there, and the rating is given to this palace is 9.1 which shows it is the best one there. It is known in the whole world for its luxury and amazing beauty.

Most Luxurious Hotels in Fukuoka – Top Rated

Sr No.NameCharges $
1Hotel with the Style Fukuoka$833
2JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom Fukuoka$529
3Hotel Nikko Fukuoka$387
4Hotel Okura Fukuoka$381
5Hotel ANA Crowne Plaza Fukuoka$380
6Hotel Marinoa Resort Fukuoka$370
7Hotel Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk$364
8Hotel UNIZO Fukuoka Tenjin$352
9Hotel the Luigans Spa and Resort$337
10Hotel Dormy Inn Premium Hakata Canal City Mae$334


Above is the list of best hotels in Fukouka. Fukuoka is charming island located in Japan. It is frequently visited by the people and tourists from all around the world. All these palaces are best in their ways and are considered as best for different kind of people. The charges of every palace are distinct from the other because of the services provided there.