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Top 10 Luxurious Suits of a River Cruise

Top 10 Luxurious Suits of a River Cruise

Cruises travels in the water and are mostly seen in large rivers or sees as they need more water and large space for traveling. The latest cruises are very luxurious which are difficult to afford or to travel on them because their traveling charges are also very high. The suits developed in these cruise ships are very luxurious to provide all types of facilities to the people. Cruises provide the best and perfect experience to the people, and it was estimated that almost 80,000 people from Australia travel through these, and different companies are continuously launching the new cruises to meet the demands of the people. The luxurious cruises are very large and made with innovative facilities in which are very attractive for the people to travel in these to enjoy the best of these cruise. These suits have large rooms, balconies, bathrooms, public areas and large space is provided to the people. The journey on these cruises is worth enjoying for the high price paid to get on them, but the experience will be for the lifetime.
The following are top 10 luxurious suites of River Cruises in the whole world:

10. Viking River Cruises: Longships Explorer Suites:

List of Top Ten Luxurious Suits of River CruiseViking Cruise is the one that offers the same luxuries and facilities like that of the best hotel, and their suites are the real one that has a separate room, living room. Their suites are very comfortable and are furnished with beautiful furniture and things and have large space with the covered balcony to enjoy the experience of water. The flooring of the cruise is heated to prevent the chilly mornings. The estimated charges of this cruise are $13,895 while traveling from Paris to Prague.

9. Uniworld, SS Maria Theresa: Royal Suite:

Top Ten Luxurious Suits of River CruiseUniworld cruises are mostly very well furnished and luxurious and are always used in the Europe Rivers. The furniture there is very traditional one, beautiful chandeliers, and most masterpiece decoration things to enhance its look and make it more luxurious. The interior styling of the cruise is exceptional which is loved by everyone. It provides the full comfort to the people traveling in it and also provides a coffee machine and professional butlers for the people. The charges of this cruise ship are $19,125 while traveling from Amsterdam to Budapest.

8. Tauck, MS Savor, MS Inspire: Category 7 suites:

Top Ten Most Luxurious Suits of River CruiseTauck is the cruise that has almost 7 big suites in it, and can accommodate almost 130 people as it is very expensive one and not affordable for everyone. The beautiful balconies of the cruise are furnished in a French style, beautiful large bathrooms and large sized. It is a very comfortable one to spend the journey comfortable with the kids as well. All the guests of suites are served with the breakfast that includes all American dishes. The ticket of this cruise is estimated to be $5,685 while traveling from Amsterdam to Brussels.

7. Scenic, Scenic Jasper, Scenic Opal: Royal Panorama Suites:

Top 10 Luxurious Suits of River CruiseScenic has recently launched their luxurious cruise ships that are claimed to be the biggest suites among all the European expensive cruise ships traveling in the river. These suites are very large and made with wide space for the comfort of the people and are furnished in very decent and elegant style. It is their tradition to welcome their guests with the bottle of champagne and butler to deliver the best food to them. Minibar is always opened for the people staying there. The charges for the suite of this cruise are $6,685 while traveling from Munich to Budapest.

6. Sanctuary Retreats, Sanctuary Ananda: Owners Suite:

List of Top 10 Luxurious Suits of River CruiseSanctuary is the cruise that was introduced in 2014 and travels less because of its luxuries and the expensive charges. It has total 21 suites in it which are the perfect luxurious place for the people traveling. The designs of their suites are enhanced with the perfect combination of traditional and modern touch. It provides a butler to the guests for providing them something different on their luxurious journey to make their experience more memorable. For traveling from Bagan to Mandalay in 7 days, it costs almost $8,191.

5. Evergreen Tours, Emerald Sun, and Emerald Dawn: Owners Suites:

Top Five Luxurious Suits of River CruiseEvergreen cruises are available in less number, and they are working to introduce more to the world. They offer large and spacious rooms in suites and a covered living area with them which also has a balcony to enjoy the best experience of rivers. It provides a mini bar, breakfast, coffee machines in suites and dinner canapés as well. While traveling from Amsterdam to Basel on 8-day trip that costs almost $5,414 and is budget friendly option to travel and to get the best experience there.

4. Avalon Waterways, Avalon Illumination, Avalon Taprestry II and Avalon Poetry II: Royal Suites:

Top 5 Luxurious Suits of River CruiseAvalon Waterways cruise ships are very new cruises available in the river. Their suites are very luxurious and large from their window the perfect panoramic view can be seen, and open air balcony is also included in them. The beds in suites are king sized and combined with the comfortable chairs, tables and sofas. The bathrooms are separate with big showers and basins. While traveling from Paris to Normandy on 8-day trip, it charges $5,399 which is very affordable and similar to the time spent in the five-star hotel.

3. Aqua Expeditions, Aqua Mekong: Design Suites:

Luxurious Suits of a River CruiseAqua Expeditions cruise ships are considered as the friendly one because of their affordable charges while traveling from Siem Reap to Phnom charges $5,080. The passengers on this cruise are enjoying the luxurious journey. It has almost 20 suites in it which are fully designed and furnished with the expensive and luxurious things. It has glass doors on the balconies and a table, chairs on the balcony.

2. APT, RV Ganges Voyager:

Top 3 Luxurious Suits of River CruiseAPT Cruises are the one who are best one available for the river journeys. It has total 28 large suites in it which are furnished exceptionally well and seems like a Maharaja suite. It has glass walls to the balconies to make them more attractive and beautiful writing desks in every suite with traditional style. These suites have large televisions, laundry facility, and bathroom and butler service. The charges for traveling from India Lower Ganges to Kolkata for 8 days are $7,090.

1. APT, AmaVenita, Amareina, AmaPrima: Royal Suite:

Luxurious Suits of a River CruiseRoyal suite on this cruise ship provides the bottle of champagne to the guests. Their suites are very large and are only 4 suites in it. They have balconies with their rooms, glass doors and all other facilities for the people staying there. It also offers butler service there and some extra treats to their customers to make their experience memorable. It charges $13,390 while traveling from Amsterdam to Budapest for 15 days.

List of Luxurious Suits of a River Cruise

1APT, AmaVenita, Amareina, AmaPrima: Royal Suite$ 13390 (15 Days)
2APT, RV Ganges Voyager$ 7090 (8 Days)
3Aqua Expeditions, Aqua Mekong: Design Suites$ 5080
4Avalon Waterways, Avalon Illumination, Avalon Taprestry II and Avalon Poetry II: Royal Suites$ 5399 (8 Days)
5Evergreen Tours, Emerald Sun and Emerald Dawn: Owners Suites$ 5414 (8 Days)
6Scenic, Scenic Jasper, Scenic Opal: Royal Panorama Suites$ 8191 (7 Days)
7Sanctuary Retreats, Sanctuary Ananda: Owners Suite$ 6685
8Tauck, MS Savor, MS Inspire: Category 7 suites$ 5685
9Uniworld, SS Maria Theresa: Royal Suite$ 19125
10Viking River Cruises: Longships Explorer Suites$ 13895


The above ranking of top 10 most luxurious suites of river cruises are given according to the facilities given in their suites and the prices charged by them. Cruise ships are very large and luxurious but expensive, though. These facilities are very luxurious and decorated perfectly to provide the best and comfortable experience to the people traveling with them.