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Top Ten Luxury Swiss Watch Brands

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Watches are an impression of individual style. They represent something other than utility and are a source of showing one’s character, taste and personal branding. A positive impression of one’s taste in accessories, finding the ideal watch is a best style need for most. While some extraordinary watches can be found at bring down value focuses, a comprehension of the best extravagance brands will manage your tastes in watches and guide you to some advantageous styles. Truth be told, a more prominent understanding of luxury watches will educate your own particular tasteful. These watches are prime cases of globally acclaimed brands that have been well known for look and functionality alike.
Here are some of the luxury Swiss watch brands given below:
Top ten brands of Swiss watches:

10. Wixon Jewelers

Wixon Jewelers watchesThe first brand which is going to be discussed here is Wixon jewelers. It is ranked as tenth luxury Swiss watch brand throughout the world. This brand has built a reputation as the premier retailer of watches because of their dedication to carry only the finest watches and timepieces from leading Swiss watch manufactures. Their highly educated sales associates assist customers at every step. They help you finding the perfect watch. Wixon Jewelers sell their watches and timepieces not from their website; they do service clients all across the country.

9. Roger Dubuis

ronger dubuis watchesRoger Dubuis is the next brand which is going to be discussed here. It is ranked as ninth luxurious Swiss watch brand. This brand was launched in 1995. Despite being one of the younger brands, Roger Dubuis has nevertheless made its mark since the company was founded. Now a day it is more than equal to the task of its most respected opponents or competitors. The whole credit for this success goes to astonishing design and expert engineering craftsmanship. The watches of this brand are prominent for their unique combinations of passions. Along with this uniqueness in designs, the respect and reverences for the craft heritage and ingenuity of traditional manufacture make this brand one of the desirable brands for the consumers.

8. Bell & Rose

bell and roseThe next brand that I would like to discuss is Bell & Rose. It is ranked as eighth luxury Swiss watch brand throughout the world. This brandhas accomplished a finest ranking recently. The development process ended in 2011 with the PW1 pocket watch. Their military-inspired collections typically feature clear dials along with rugged cases. This quality conforms to a practical aesthetic that has become most desirable for the consumers.

7. Chanel

Chanel J12 Black Ceramic WatchThe next brand which is going to be discussed here is Channel. It is ranked as seventh luxury Swiss watch brand throughout the world. Channel’s high end watch collection revolves around many incarnations of J12. The brand’s late artistic director Jacque Helleu designed this watch.it was launched in 2000 as a small collection of black and white ceramic mechanicals. It achieved the task which many watches before it had failed to do. This watch fused the worlds of high fashion and specialist watch making in a package that had both appeal and credibility.

6. Blancpain

blancpain villeret swiss watchesBlancpain is the next brand which I would like to discuss here. It is ranked as sixth luxury Swiss watch brand in the world. It is the world’s oldest watch brand. This brand was launched in 1735 and over nearly three centuries has proved one of the most creative movement manufactures. Blancpain makes its repeaters, carrousels and long-lasting calendars on the two sites. One of these sites is a converted farmhouse in the village of Le Brassus, right in the heart of the Swiss watch making community.

5. Omega

omega luxurious watchesThe next brand which is going to be discussed here is Omega. It stands fifth in the ranking of luxury Swiss watch Brands. This brand is the favorite of the official time keeper of the Olympic Games and the favorite wristwatch of the most up-to-date celebrities of Hollywood.  This brand is associated with the most important sport events in the world. The credit goes to its accuracy. The wristwatches of this brand are not only used appreciated for sports. Since the First World War they have been chosen by Army and Air Force combat units in USA and UK. These amazing and stylish watches have conquered the hearts of influential politicians like John F. Kennedy or royals like Prince William. George Clooney, Nicole Kidman, Tom Hanks, Daniel Craig are the top Hollywood actors who used to wear the watches of this brand. In 1969, the famous speed master professional ‘Moon watch’ go together with the Apollo 11 crew to the Moon and became the first and only watch to be worn on the moon surface. After this it became one of the true iconic watch designs. Omega watches are known for their consistency, accuracy, style and performance.

4. Moser

H Moser Venturer Small Second6The next brand which I would like to discuss is Moser. It is ranked as forth most luxurious brand throughout the world. This company was founded in 1828. Heinrich Moser launched this brand. From the very beginning this brand tried to provide watches designed and manufactured to the highest design and technical specifications. The fascinating history of this watch making history ranks it out as one of the Switzerland’s finest. For classic and stylish design that whispers at uniqueness in a modest fashion, look no further than Moser.

3. Patek Philippe

Patek PhillippePatek Phillipe comes next in the list of top ten luxury Swiss watch brands. It is ranked as third luxurious Swiss watch brand. It is one of the most significant Swiss luxury watches and chronograph makers throughout the world. This brand was launched in 1839. The timeless designs of Patek Phillipe are the most preferred. In fact the brand is regarded as the world’s most prestigious. The elegant timepieces and luxury wristwatches for both men and women have more than once been the most expensive to be sold at well-known marts such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

2.  88 RUE DU Rhone

rue du rhone 88 luxurious watchesThe next brand of luxurious Swiss watches which is going to be discussed here is 88 RUE DU Rhone. It is ranked as second in the list of top ten luxury Swiss watch brands. It is an independent brand of Swiss luxury watches. Elie and Pierre Bernheim are two people who launched this stunning brand of watches. They are the grandsons of Raymond Weil, well- known Swiss watch maker. Elie and Bernheim combined their talents, expertise and watch making knowledge to create their own brand. These two entrepreneurs have set out to offer consumers a graceful collection of watches balancing Swiss distinction and up-to-date designs though keeping custom and modernization.

1. Chopard

chopard luxurious watchesAmong all the luxury Swiss watch brands which one is the top ranked trade name? Chopard is ranked as top one and highly desirable brand of luxurious watches. It provides you the quality. This brand is the leading Swiss luxury watch and jewelry manufactures in Switzerland now a day. It was founded in 1860. It is a family firm. It is as impressive a brand as it was then. They try for the best quality. They struggle a lot to fulfill the demands of their customers. The result is luxury watches that are highly required. Along with watches there is also a stunning collection of jewelry which is constructed from the finest precious metals and stones. There is a constant quest for innovation and technical skills in this firm which makes it the top ranked brand of luxury Swiss watch brand. There are Chopard Imperial Full Set and Happy Oval Full Set available. Crystalline diamonds are set into white gold watch casing that gives Chopard imperial full set cool looks in addition to stunning craftsmanship. In Chopard Happy Oval full set, sparkling diamonds are deigned.

Top Ten Swiss Watch Brands at Glance

2.88 RUE DU Rhone
3.Patek Philippe
8.Bell & Rose
9.Roger Dubuis
10.Wixon Jewelers